Ten Things I’m Really Good At:

The prompt this week for Ten on Tuesday is ten things I’m good at:

  • Baking bread (Baking just about anything, really. The process is enjoyable, and the results are edible.)
  • Reading (Oh, for the carefree days of youth when I could travel to other times and places via a good book, for hours upon end.)
  • Writing (Blogging is a beneficial, creative outlet, Right?)
  • Encouraging others to do their best
  • Helping my children develop their talents
  • Working hard and working long
  • Keeping a busy home organized
  • Sympathizing with those who suffer
  • Taking time to enjoy my family
  • Feeling something is my responsibility, whether or not that is true

(This image is from Julie’s Realistic Fiction.)

8 Responses to “Ten Things I’m Really Good At:”

  1. she says:

    that’s a wonderful list, joyce. i have a bread machine, but i’ve never used it. i should get it out and try!

    ask she weds is up!

  2. Joyce says:

    Thanks so much, everyone, for your comments. 🙂
    I visited back at your blogs to leave comments on your Ten on Tuesdays as well.

    Good idea for a future post, Laura, about pessimism, optimism and realism. 🙂