Ten Things on My To Do List


This is the topic today for Ten on Tuesday. I’ll just start typing and see what happens:

  1. Purchase a sturdy lap table for my elderly mom to use when she has meals delivered to her room. It’s kind of like a fancy, old-fashioned TV tray.
  2. Purchase or sew curtains for the house. This will have to wait until time and money are available.

  1. Visit Eastern Washington University with daughter Rebecca very soon.
  2. Have lots of work done to the Suzuki Grand Vitara, to the tune of about $600. The car’s problems have something to do with inner tie rods and a valve cover gasket seeping.
  3. Purchase new tires for the same car. The tie rods being bum has ruined the front tires.


  1. Pay property tax before the end of April
  2. Go to the first semi-pro basketball game of the season this Friday!
  3. Bake bread.
  4. Start seeing the new chiropractor a friend at church recommended.
  5. Send my sister the recipe I promised her.


5 Responses to “Ten Things on My To Do List”

  1. Sarah says:

    I like your list – I should try that and then see if I can have the ten things done by the next Tuesday! Hmmmm..

    Too bad you’re not closer – I know a good chiropractor for you… 😉