Ten Things to Fix in Our Home


This is the prompt given by Yano this week for the Ten on Tuesday meme. We just recently had the house reroofed, so really, I am quite satisfied that our domicile is not in imminent danger of tumbling down around our ears. However, Yano indicates that we are to think BIG, as in no monetary or time limitations. So, here is my list:

  1. I would like to sew or have made new tab-top curtains throughout the house. My neighbor sells some fabric which is supposed to be dust and mildew resistant. If the fabric is also attractive, that would be ideal.
  2. A few of the double-paned windows, and the lovely stained glass in the front door need to be replaced. Think: lawnmower hits rocks, rocks shoot out, windows are now damaged. I’m just so thankful none of us got hit.
  3. My husband is in the middle of a project to tear up all carpet in the house and replace it with laminate. He has 3 bedrooms yet to do, plus redo two runs of stairs. He has accomplished so much already, but this much of the project remains.
  4. We live on a gravelly hill. Each winter the heaving of the soil brings large rocks to the surface which must be dug out, and the lawn becomes more undulating. It would be nice to go over all the lawn area with one of those tractor attachments that sifts out the large rocks, and start the lawn out fresh again once it’s all level. It’s been 18 or 19 years since we did something like that.
  5. Similarly, our gravel driveway becomes rutted and ugly. I would like this leveled. I don’t really want it to be blacktopped, but that would be OK if it happened. I kind of like to hear vehicles crunching up the driveway.
  6. I would like my husband to have a nice woodworking shop. He loves making furniture, but presently doesn’t have a shop.
  7. My husband enjoys swimming (and I suppose I could be talked into it), so I would like him to have a lap pool.
  8. We enjoy outdoor entertaining, so a fancy-schmancy area for that would be nice (not at all needed really, though, as we manage to have plenty of fun outside as it is).
  9. It would be interesting to have a professional landscaper redo the yard, but I would still primarily want only native plants. I’m OK with showier plants near the house for a splash of color.
  10. I would like to do a thorough cleaning of the house from top to bottom. We do keep it neat and clean, but sometimes you just like to really dig in and clean some more. I would enjoy that.

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  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Storyteller, for your comment, and for the great gifts. 🙂 You have some very creative bloggy friends. 🙂