Thank You, My Family!

I am still resting quite a bit, due to a sprained ankle. My family has been working hard, though, to keep the home fires burning, so that I won’t fret and get up too soon.

First,I would like to recognize Rebecca. Let me tell you what Rebecca did today:

  • All of the laundry for nine people was done.
  • Six loaves of homemade bread were baked.
  • Homemade pizza and salad were served for dinner.
  • Her work for homeschool was done.
  • Dishes were unloaded from the dishwasher and reloaded twice.

How is that for a hardworking young woman?

Seth and Lydia took my turn vacuuming the house today, and did their schoolwork. Lydia helped Rebecca prepare the nummy dinner.

Rick continued to work hard providing for our family. He took time out of his busy schedule to come upstairs to see if I needed/wanted anything. Very sweet indeed. 🙂 He took Debra to and from school, and picked Kayla up from the bus stop. Transporting people hither and yon is usually my responsibility.

Sarah and Kayla were at work, and Michael and Debra were at school. They were busy in their own callings, so were not available to let their talents shine on the home front.

I hope to be up soon, as a fully-functioning hard-working mom. In the meantime, Thank you, dear family for working so hard and for doing such a great job!

2 Responses to “Thank You, My Family!”

  1. Cadet says:

    Heehee…you’re welcome! :”>

  2. Laura says:

    Oh boy! Cadety, would you come cook for me?