The Name Game

Today the girls decided that we will all address one another by our middle names. So, for today, I am Momma Marie and Rick is Poppa Paul.

Our sons, from eldest to youngest are Ernst, (Michael doesn’t want to play the game), and Ephraim.

Our twin daughters are Anne and Coleen (Anne is married to Dale, you know, and their son is Dale, also.).

Next we have Grace, then Ruth, Lee and Rose.

Daughter Lee informs me that her nick-name is now R.Lee (pronounced Arley); pretty cute, I think. Don’t know if she really wants to give up her long-standing nick-name of Cadet, though.

One Response to “The Name Game”

  1. Laura says:

    Hah! how cute!! 😛 Sort of what Renee’s Almanzo decided to do long term…boy, that’d be weird!!

    How’d the Middle Name day go?