Thirteen Favorite House Plants



  1. African Violet, or Saintpaulia ionantha
  2. Spider Plant, or Chlorophytum comosum
  3. Weeping Chinese Banyan, or Fiscus benjamina
  4. Watermelon peperomi, or Peperomi argyreia
  5. Swedish Ivy, or Plectranthus australis
  6. Grape Ivy, or Hedera
  7. Snake Tongue, or Sansevieria trifasciata
  8. Jade Plant, or Crassula argentea
  9. Rex begonia
  10. Fiddle-leaf philodendron, or Philodendron bipennifolium
  11. Prayer plant, or Maranta leuconeura
  12. Kalanchoe blossfeldiana
  13. Mystery plant: Do you know what this is? If so, PLEASE tell me!


12 Responses to “Thirteen Favorite House Plants”

  1. Kathie says:

    It looks very similar to the orange seedling that my brothers and I started years ago. Hope you find the answer:).

  2. Chelle Y. says:

    I kid every plant that comes into my house. Well, not intentionally, but I do not have a green thumb.

    I do have a beautiful fake plant. 🙂

  3. Chelle Y. says:

    Opps, I meant kill, not “kid.”

  4. Hazelnut says:

    Not sure what that is. My grandmother, mother and sisters have had many of the snake’s tongue, we called it devil’s tongue – it has lots of names.

  5. Joyce says:

    Tamy – Yes; the plant is top-heavy and should probably be repotted, but it doesn’t seem to mind being crowded.

    Claudia – I don’t think it’s a rubber tree (not positive, though).

    Sandy – I love spider plants; they are supposed to be good for the atmosphere of the home.

    Mo – I think I may just take this plant to the nursery and ask them, “What IS this plant?!”

    Kathie – Maybe so; I just don’t know. My book doesn’t give a close up of the orange tree’s leaves.

    Chelle – Artificial plants do save time. 🙂

    Hazelnut – The snake plant does so well. My plants are about 25 years old.

    Thank you all for your comments!

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