Thirteen Gifts and Thank Yous



Here it is, almost the end of the day, and I’m finally sitting down to do a Thursday Thirteen post (sigh). Since I was the recipient of much thoughtfulness on my recent birthday, I’m sharing with you Thirteen Gifts and Thank Yous. 🙂


The first gift to arrive was melt-in-your-mouth-sweet maple sugar candy from Vermont, from our daughter Laura and our son-in-law Darren. Thank you so much for the sweet treat, Sweeties!


My supervisor and fellow-paraeducators surprised me with gourmet fair trade cocoa (bittersweet – so yummy!) and a hand-made journal for haiku. When I walked into the Resource Room, the students all started singing Happy Birthday. It warmed the cockles of me heart, I tell you!


Have I ever mentioned how addicted I am to ANYTHING from the Bath & Body Works store? I have to walk on the far side of the aisle to keep from being drawn in to “just look.” Kayla surprised me with a summery scented Wild Honeysuckle body cream and candle. Thank you, Kayla!


Here are Biddo and T with the funny “Hectic Moose” collage they made for me. 🙂


This photo is of TWO presents: Dad and Mom Taron sent the gourmet coffees and the travel mug. Thank you! Thank you! And my sweetie husband got a new coffee maker that produces the desired commodity: strong, HOT coffee. 🙂


When the children were little, I baked my own birthday cake because it upset them if there was no cake. To them, no cake meant no birthday. This birthday cake came to me courtesy of dear Kayla. 🙂


The cake, prior to the serving of it, with the birthday girl.


I also received Happy Birthday phone calls. 🙂


This is a bloggy gift, not a birthday gift, but still very much appreciated. This is from my friend, Storyteller.


One more lovely gift from Storyteller. This was made by Greatfullivin.

So, three more things:

My dear husband washed my car.

I received lovely cards from loved ones.

Friends sent me greetings and goodies on Facebook.


5 Responses to “Thirteen Gifts and Thank Yous”

  1. A very happy Birthday to you! A beautiful cake and lots of fine gifts! Thanks for the trackback!

  2. Wow! What a fantastic birthday! Happy belated!