Thirteen Tips for Healthy Living – Edition XII of Thursday 13

For this Thursday Thirteen
I offer you Thirteen Tips for Healthy Living. The first seven have to do with physical health, and the remaining six with mental well-being. These are suggestions for your consideration, not a pretended panacea:

  • Go for a daily walk.
  • Eat fresh fruit and veggies daily.
  • Enjoy indoor pets, including cats and dogs.
  • Wash your hands after using the toilet, changing the baby, caring for pets, before handling food, or, in other words, Keep your hands clean!
  • Sneeze into the crook of your arm if no tissue is available, in order to stop the spread of airborne pathogens.
  • Floss your teeth daily (Brush them, too.).
  • Remove all wall-to-wall carpet from your home, and cover mattresses and pillows with dust-proof covers.
  • Do your part to live peaceably with others, especially those in your own home. Romans 2:18 is a Bible verse that expresses this thought.
  • Think about praise-worthy, beautiful things more than “the dark side” of life. I’m especially thinking here of what “food” you feed your mind. Garbage in will yield garbage out, eventually.
  • Treat others the way you would like to be treated, including your children and spouse. Matthew 7:12 is a Bible verse that speaks of this: Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.
  • However, don’t be a Pollyanna who PRETENDS that everything is OK. Sometimes things ARE bad, or dangerous. These things can be dealt with in a responsible way, but pretending that something is good doesn’t make it so.
  • Set priorities for your day, based upon your current calling in life, and do the work in order. This way you won’t be overwhelmed by stress, or the tyranny of your TO DO list.
  • Cultivate the habit of THANKFULNESS. As a Christian, I am first of all thankful to the Lord for all His undeserved blessings. But I also mean, say, “Thank you!” to the people in your world.

5 Responses to “Thirteen Tips for Healthy Living – Edition XII of Thursday 13”

  1. storyteller says:

    This is a wonderful T-13 on Healthy Living Tips! I’m partial to #s 9 and 13, but 12 comes in handy today in my ‘scattered’ state. How did I miss you on Thursday? Do you put yours in the T-13 Hub where others can find you easily? I see that my Google Reader has you with my Haiku Friday friends (and not the t-13ers), so perhaps that’s how I missed you this week. Hopefully I’ll remember next week? Thanks for the comment on my ‘Ten on Tuesday – Favorite Drinks’ post … for it’s what brought me back today and got me checking back a bit. I hope your ‘fowl mood’ has passed and that your weekend is wonderful.

    I entered the URL for my other blog when leaving this comment because I thought you might enjoy it when time permits, but please don’t feel any pressure to do so.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Storyteller, for your helpful comment. No, I haven’t been leaving a link at the T-13 hub. I’ll try to remember to do that next time. 🙂 I’ll check out your other blog right away. 🙂

    Hi, Laura. Thanks for your comment, Honey. Yes, you know how much I despise pretending that everything’s OK, when, really, wrongs need to be righted, or simply, right needs to be done.

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for the 13 tips. Loved em! They were great! The carpet is on the chopping block… to be replaced with hard wood floors ~ an allergy must!