Thursday 13 – Thoughts on a Visit

This is the last day of our son-in-law’s (and grandson’s) visit with us. Tonight they catch a flight back to Vermont. It has been a busy, special time, for which I am oh-so-thankful. For today’s Thursday 13, I’m choosing to list thirteen things about this visit:

  • Yesterday we had a very scary time of Diederick running a temperature of 102 degrees. The poor little guy was so uncomfortable. We called home to Laura, who called his pediatrician, who said a temp can be a sign not only of sickness, but of such things also as stress or the little one fighting off an impending asthma attack. We remain mystified as to the underlying cause of the fever, but this morning Deeder is chattering away, cool again, eating and drinking normally, so I’m happy about that.
  • Deeder has become fast friends with our dog Lassie. He is comfortable with her, loves stroking her fur, and enjoys putting her paws in his lap while sitting beside her. Here are some photos of the little guy in action.
  • Diederick would like to be friends with our cats, who wisely steer clear of him. The other day he grabbed Bonny Boy’s tail (tightly). Thankfully, the cat was able to make a quick escape, and didn’t try to scratch the little boy.
  • As a comfort when he was feeling poorly, Diederick requested to view pictures of cows on Google Images. He especially enjoyed a picture of a baby wearing a cow outfit. If you’re interested (I am.), the outfit is available here.
  • Diederick is also enamored with trucks. He has had the pleasure of watching various tractors drive by on our road. Life would be better for him if a parade of heavy equipment would proceed up our hill.
  • Darren had a lot of fun taking Diederick to Edaleen Dairy in Lynden, WA where Deeder admired the cows from a safe distance. Darren worked on his uncle’s farm in North Dakota at one time, so he also has quite a high opinion of that dairy animal.
  • Darren investigated the job market during this visit. We would be exceeding pleased, of course, if it is feasible for Darren, Laura and children to move closer to us.
  • Diederick became comfortable with his uncles and aunts. He is especially amused with Seth, who gives him Sethosaurus rides.
  • I read somewhere that a sense of humor is a sign of intelligence, so I am of the opinion that Deeder is an intelligent little guy. He’s not quite two years old, and finds many things, especially slap-stick situations, to be intensely amusing.
  • My daughter Laura is a much braver, flexible-minded person than I am. I would not have consented to be separated for one week from any of the children when they were two years old.
  • I have learned that Diederick is of a resilient personality. Though he spent a good deal of time looking for his mommy (Very sad; please do not cry when you read this, Laura.), he was still able to eat and drink and be amused with people and pets here. Thankfully, he gets to travel home to his mommy tonight.
  • I spent a lot less time on the computer with an active two-year old in the house.
  • I found that I still love holding and comforting a child. I also still display the annoying Momma Bear trait of growling at anyone who says, “Ah, there’s nothing wrong with that child!” Though I am of a gramma age, I still have a ways to go as far as maturity is concerned, I’m afraid.

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  1. Chelle Y. says:

    I am happy you had fun with your grandson. He sure is a cutie. I am sure you are missing him right now. I always loved going to Grandma’s house when I was little, and still did until she became sick with Alzheimer’s.

    Thanks for stopping by my TT.