Thursday 13 – 13 Anniversary Trip photos

To celebrate our 26th wedding anniversary, Rick and I took a quick trip to La Conner, Washington. Rick had done some house building there, in his carpentry days, and assured me that it was just the sort of place I would enjoy. He was right. La Conner reminded me quite a bit of Inverness, California, one of our favorite places to visit, in that it was artsy-craftsy, and near the ocean.

This week’s Thursday 13 is Thirteen Anniversary Trip photos.

We stayed in a lovely small hotel, The Heron Inn. Here is a shot of one of the stained glass windows that graces the front of that building.

We toasted one another while at The Heron Inn:

Here are a few street shots from La Conner:

Right behind the shops you see the waterway:

While looking through the shops, we came across some interesting and unique items, such as these bells at The Courtyard Gallery. The bells were fabricated out of old gas canisters, and had mellow and lovely tones when rung.

We saw this bear sculpture at the Courtyard Gallery, also.

We found a gift for a certain 2-year old grandson at Bears ‘n Friends.

If we carefully save our pennies, we might be able to afford one of these beautiful hand-crafted rocking chairs in about ten years. We found lots to admire at The Wood Merchant.

Rick nicely brought along the laptop so I could check my mail and play Scrabulous. 🙂

7 Responses to “Thursday 13 – 13 Anniversary Trip photos”

  1. melanie says:

    Looks like a WONDERFUL trip!!

  2. Marci Plank says:

    Congratulations Rick & Joyce! Glad you enjoyed your visit to La Conner for your 26th anniversary.
    Hope you come back again,
    Marci Plank
    Executive Director
    La Conner Chamber of Commerce

  3. Joyce says:

    Thank you, All, for your congrats! We did have a wonderful time, and hope to visit La Conner again sometime.