Thursday Thirteen – 13 kinds of pets we have had

Thirteen Pets We Have Had (or still have):

  • Dogs (Currently, just our old doggie Lassie. Our girls are hoping for a new puppy. This is a test to see if Daddy reads this blog.)
  • Cats (The neighborhood cats who run away from home, or never had a home, come here to be fed, loved, and fixed.)
  • Cockatiel (The most lovable, personable bird I ever met.)
  • Parakeets (Never really got a friendly one.)
  • Finches (Messy!)
  • Goldfish (My husband’s outdoor goldfish receive royal treatment.)
  • Gerbils (Many. At one time. Interesting! Update: Our daughter who cared for the gerbils will tell you how many we had.)
  • Hamsters (My favorite was named Precioso. We kept his habitat in our bedroom, and I grew to enjoy the noise of his squeaky wheel at night. Very tame and friendly critter.)
  • Guinea Pigs (Habitats require DAILY cleaning. Very stinky little critters.)
  • Rabbits (We are partial to lop-eared bunnies.)
  • Ducks (Indian Running Ducks are fun; have you ever seen them?)
  • Chickens (The prettiest chickens, in my opinion, are the Auracana breed. The plumage can be a variety of colors, and they lay blue eggs.)
  • Toggenburg goats (Just two of them, a momma named Nanny – of course – and her kid.)

7 Responses to “Thursday Thirteen – 13 kinds of pets we have had”

  1. Joyce says:

    Cassie: Did you have a child who was interested in discovering how many gerbil coat color variations she could obtain, too? 🙂

    Chenchelle: We enjoy the goldfish who live outside in our pond. They swim excitedly to the surface when they see my husband, expecting him to feed them. 🙂