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Here is a festive-looking bouquet to decorate this post. This is one of the first pics Rick snapped with our new camera, taken of the bouquet he gave me. We had lots of fun teasing back and forth about what the bouquet was “for”. Neither of us had gotten upset with the other and needed to show how sorry we were; it was not my birthday, nor was it the anniversary of any significant day. Rick knows why he got the bouquet for me, but he’s not telling. 😛

Anyhow, on to the substance of my post. Ahem. Earlier I did a Thursday 13 post listing 13 things that I hope to accomplish during this Winter Break. Here, Dear Readers, is my progress thus far:

  • I read one of the books Reb and Lyd recommended to me, and it was such a good book: Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie, a novel by David Lubar. The book was clever, educational, funny, and sad. [Disclaimer: Some of the subject matter (attempted suicide) addressed in this book is too serious for any young readers you may have. There is also some profane language in the book.] From this book I learned what a “Tom Swifty” is. Here’s an example: “I’d like a hot dog,” Tom said frankly. Do you get it?
  • I played games with the children. Hopefully there will be more of that to come over the break. Great fun; lots of laughs. 🙂
  • I went out to eat with my husband to a nice restaurant (The Black Forest Restaurant in Everson). Yum! Schnitzel, sweet-sour red cabbage, onion-fried potatoes and steamed green beans, tossed salad and garlic toast. What a treat!
  • I didn’t have to bake the gingerbread cookies, because my girls did it, then some of the children and their friends enjoyed decorating them. We made short work of consuming those special treats.

If I make good progress on the remaining goals, I’ll let you know.

At any rate, the next few days are going to be very busy. Dear Reb is going to have her wisdom teeth extracted early Thursday morning. She will probably just want to rest after that. I must make sure to have plenty of soft foods at hand for those difficult first days. Also on Thursday, Seth is planning on having a couple of his guy friends from church come over to play. I am SO HOPING that we don’t receive ICE RAIN as the AccuWeather forecast is predicting.

I absolutely must find new medical insurance coverage for my mom, as her doctors are no longer going to honor the one she presently has, after January 1st.

Also, I must get the coolant changed out in the Suzuki. Very important, and so easy to forget to do. The ph of the present coolant is all wrong. What does that mean? Do you know? The mechanic said it “means” get the work taken care of ASAP. 🙂

Tomorrow is Rick’s mom’s birthday. Her gift should be there by now, but, again, we MUST remember to call. Very important. She’s a great mom-in-law. I’m so thankful for her. She is going to be having EXTREME back surgery soon. I shall spare you the details, but this is serious business for a 78-year old lady.

Tomorrow we once again have the privilege of hearing God’s Word preached. Something good with which to be busy, indeed.

Dear Readers, I hope you are enjoying this season with your families and friends. I bid you “Adieu!”

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