Together Again


From left to right, going around the table: Michael, Sarah, Debra, Seth, me, Rebecca, Lydia, Kayla, and Philip


From left to right (from my vantage point): Rebecca, Lydia, Kayla, Philip, Rick, Michael, Sarah, Debra and Seth. The only ones missing are Laura (Sarah’s twin), her husband Darren, and their son Diederick.


Here’s a more informal shot of the family, with each one doing his or her own thing. Left to right again we see Michael, Rebecca, Seth, me, Philip and Lydia.


Sarah (off camera), Joyce, Philip, Kayla, Rebecca and Lydia playing Skip-bo. 🙂


Me, in the kitchen, where I’ve been spending quite a bit of time the past few days. (That’s a good thing.)


A cute photo of T. Take a look at her self-portrait on her blog and see what you think.


I like this black-and-white of Philip.

2 Responses to “Together Again”

  1. What great photos you have of everyone! I love the table shot 🙂 I felt like I was sitting on the other end!
    Hope you all had a lovely day together 🙂
    Found you via Secret Agent Mama

  2. Sarah says:

    Thanks for putting up the pictures from last night, I enjoyed seeing them. 🙂