Tonight We Went to Our Favorite Restaurant

My favorite restaurant close to home is the North Fork Brewery. More precisely, it is The North Fork Brewery, Pizzeria and Beer Shrine. The restaurant is located on Mt. Baker Highway, past the Nooksack Casino, on the way to Mt. Baker.

What’s so good about this place? Well . . . If you like beer, this beer is the best, most flavorful I’ve ever tasted. The owner is a brewmeister. My favorite beers are their dark beers, such as the Scotch or Stout. Mmm, good. They will serve you a sampler assortment if you’re undecided.

What else is good? The freshest salads, with their homemade dressings. I usually begin with their house salad with Gorgonzola cheese, sunflower seeds, gourmet greens, and green goddess dressing and a pepperoncini pepper on the side.

For dinner tonight we ordered a monster pizza, as in every pizza ingredient you can think of is on this pizza (including . . oh, joy! . . anchovies). They make their own pizza dough, toss the dough to make it pizza-size, etc. Lots of other menu items are available, but they are famous for their pizzas.

I also enjoy how noisy the restaurant is. It seems easier to have a private conversation when everyone around you is engaged in active conversations of their own. 🙂 Usually Rick will see someone with whom he used to work when he was doing log home construction, so that contributes to the memorable evening.

It was fun!

One Response to “Tonight We Went to Our Favorite Restaurant”

  1. Laura says:

    I guess all I ever knew was that The North Fork Brewery was a place that kids couldn’t go!