Wednesday Vacation Pics

Today we stayed close to home during this vacation in Inverness, California. Therefore, the pictures for today are taken right in the Inverness/Point Reyes neighborhood.

Rick was busy most of the day doing carpentry work on his parents’ deck. I don’t have a close up of the work he’s doing but here is a view of the backyard, highlighting a carving done by Grampa Taron:

grampas back yard

This is another backyard shot, looking up to the deck and the back of the house:

back yard

This is the rooftop of one of the neighborhood homes that Debra and I passed on our morning walk. Notice the solar panels and the wildflowers!

wildflower rooftop

I went with Rick into Point Reyes to purchase a little more lumber. We stopped to take some shots of this old wrecked fishing boat or tug boat:

pt reyes wreck

the ship and the captain

4 Responses to “Wednesday Vacation Pics”

  1. Laura says:

    excellent pictures, Mom! glad to hear that dad is doing all that work for his folks, I’m sure they very much appriciate it–is anyone helping him?

  2. Joyce says:

    Evan is working, and neither Debra nor I are much of a help around power tools. Grampa is too old, of course. Dad’s doing it solo. 🙂

  3. So beautiful! Very, very nice of your hubby.

  4. Cadet says:

    haha, look at Daddy looking like he owns that boat 😛