What Additional Events Should Be In The Olympics?

For Ten on Tuesday
this week, Yano asks,

What Are Ten Events That Should Be In The Olympics?

Here is my list:

  • Roller skating (figures)
  • Roller skating ( freestyle)
  • Roller skating (dance). My children did this for many years, and it is just as demanding and beautiful as ice skating.
  • Capture the flag. I got this idea from Yano, who suggested an international game of hide-and-seek!
  • Skateboarding
  • Dirt biking (Motocross)
  • Rugby. This is becoming popular in the U.S. even at the Middle School level. The U.S. should be able to rustle up a team.
  • Cricket. All I know about cricket, I learned from the movie Lagaan. That means I am thoroughly confused, but it looks to be an interesting and LONG game.

Sorry! I couldn’t come up with ten. How about you? What events do you want to see included in the Olympics?

9 Responses to “What Additional Events Should Be In The Olympics?”

  1. lisa givens says:

    cheerleading should be