What I Did (and didn’t) Do Today

What got done today:

  • Went over to my elderly mom’s place this morning to help her with some needs.
  • Did some shopping while I was in her community.
  • Picked up some of Lydia’s friends to spend the day, and took them home again after dinner.
  • Did pretty much nonstop laundry, since Deb cleaned her room and some bedding was changed today.
  • Baked a dessert and made some nummy broccoli salad to go with the steak that Rick barbequed for dinner (He cooks them to perfection. So tasty.)
  • Played some Scrabulous on Facebook (I love to spell; what can I say?).
  • Kept checking Laura’s blog to see more pictures of baby Carly. (Laura’s blog Waking Early is about her pregnancy with Carly, and now has some cute pics of the little girl herself posted there, as well.)

What didn’t get done:

  • I wanted to bake bread, too, but just ran out of oomph.
  • Balancing the checkbook (not urgent, but I like to get it done).
  • Taking the doggie for a walk.

OK. This is a boring post. But, I’m taking stock at the end of the day, and that’s the result. Now, I’m going to do dishes, put in one more load of laundry, and put sheets back on a bed. Goodnight!

2 Responses to “What I Did (and didn’t) Do Today”

  1. Joyce says:

    Thank you, Mishelle, so much. We are so thankful for Carly’s safe arrival.

    I won’t turn down an offer to play Scrabulous. 🙂