What shall I read? – Haiku Friday style

Haiku Friday

I am so enjoying writing Haiku poems for the Haiku Fridays game. My inspiration this week is this lovely graphics button:


(Image from Snapshots of Joy)

I enjoy reading, and read many different types of books, but there is something about this sentiment that strikes a sour note with me. Read, if you so desire, the humble Haikus I present to you:

“Read the best books first.”
Only classics? Only great?
Is this the maxim?

Seasons for all things;
This includes what I’m reading.
Read the timely book.

Intimidating, too strict.
This advice constrains.

Books on my night stand
Tonight I want to pretend:
Children’s fantasy

So much I don’t know
Research worth reading about:
Brain plasticity

Modern teen fiction
Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
Can be meaningful

Are “How To” books great?
Teaching With Love and Logic
Such timely advice.

‘Tis a worthy goal
Make a list; read the “best” books.
Just don’t be rigid.

If I don’t attain
I’m content with what I have.
Great reads? No. Just good.

One Response to “What shall I read? – Haiku Friday style”

  1. Melissa says:

    A haiku series after my own heart. I did books this week, too.