Why Catechism Preaching? And Why a Second Worship Service?

In some Reformed churches, the minister systematically preaches through the Catechism during the Sunday evening services. There is an excellent article explaining the validity and benefit of this practice on this site. This article is by the Rev. G.H. Visscher.

Here is one of my favorite quotes from the article:

The truth is: a genuine thanksgiving to God for his work of grace in our lives never leads us to worship him less but always more. What does it say about us then when we are seeking to get away with the bare minimum? What does it say about this generation when a football or a hockey game is never too long, but a worship service almost invariably is? Besides, we should not isolate the sermon from the act of worship; the people of God do not come together just to consume another sermon. They come to worship the Lord! Thus when the people of God are too complacent to do that for more than one hour a Lord’s Day, some serious questions need to be asked and, probably, some serious admonitions administered.

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