Wordful Wednesday – Oh, the Rain!

Wordful Wednesday is hosted by Angie of SevEn cLoWn CirCuS

Moisture-laden clouds

Grey and misty overhead

The rain streaks windows.

Sky streams soak the sponge-like land.

The river has topped its banks.

The rain falls, snow melts.

Where slush reigned, puddles abound,

Water-soaked terrain.

Instead of white snow blanket,

Winter rains return.

Exciting weather

First, unusually cold

Beautiful, bright snow.

Bad for drivers, good for sleds.

Now, too much rain and flooding.


This is our neighbor’s house at the corner of Alm Road and Gillies Road.


At the bottom of our road, looking south.


Gillies road looking south.


Gillies Road, looking north.


This shot is of the Sumas River (near Alm and Gillies Roads) which is really nothing more than a creek most of the time.


Guess who got stuck while taking these photos? My husband, the intrepid adventurer, and his noble sidekick with a camera, our daughter Laura!


Never fear! Our kind neighbor took a break from bailing out his flooding basement to rescue Rick and Laura from the muck.


Flooded Riverside Park near the Nooksack River.


Here is Rick by the flooded Nooksack River, pointing out to Laura that the water is still rising. These photos were taken at about 3:30pm today.

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